Conference Venue-Brijuni2023-01-24T15:09:54+01:00

Conference Venue

BEE2023 Conference will be held in the Brijuni National park.

Brijuni National Park is one of the most beautiful and famous Croatian national parks, which differs from other parks in the fact that it is almost entirely cultivated by man and created as his place of rest and enjoyment. It is made in synergy with nature, which gives it a particularly harmonious and tame appearance. Although many believe that the human hand only destroys nature, here we clearly see that it can sometimes work in harmony with it.

This beautiful place created for a country vacation is one of the most well-organized national parks in Europe and has an excellent reputation, confirmed by many famous people who rested in Brijuni and described their stay as an unforgettable experience. National Park Brijuni is the favourite place for rest and recreation for many precisely because it is far from the watchful eye of observers. The Brijuni archipelago and the national park located in the County of Istria are made up of as many as 14 islands and islets that separated from the Istrian mainland in the past.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the Brijuni National park.